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was not expecting a crossover with flounderman's madden vid. excellence.

Wow. I think everyone's tried to make a Flash look like this but you are one of the elite few who actually did it. You knocked it out of the ballpark, this year! 5/5 10/10

This is not only the perfect video for the subject, but the perfect audience to show it to. Tens across the board!

Adobe is seriously the reason I only use free software now--except an ancient copy of Flash, go figure--I try to keep it to myself, but every time I hear someone talking about their products I think they're an enabler for the worst company in the world.

Back to relevance, your style always feels fresh, even when I watch the same video over and over. It's exciting that someone as fun to look at has every non-visual aspect on lockdown, too. Eagerly awaiting more.

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(Spoilers) I was kinda half-playing this in a bored slouch until the end. That was such a provocative subversion of my expectations, the entire experience was made to be completely worth it. Excellent choice for frontpaging!

I played Hipster Detective before and after it was cool. 5/5 10/10 GotY

You know a game's good when it's too hard for a professional like me to beat

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B / 5

..What the hell? Why aren't you doing this instead of.. whatever you do?

Haha, I like it. Come back and make more songs, yo!

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I would throw my gameboy out the window if it took this long to boot up, but this does look pretty sick. Keep animating, my man! The four color schtick doesn't have nearly enough representation

VectX responds:

Thanks! :D
Didn't see that anyone actually reviewed anything I did. Also, I've never actually owned a Gameboy, but I just love the color palette - it's amazing how the ugliest greens can look so awesome together in the hands of a skilled artist!

Hope it made your day, and have a good evening. :)

Second punchlines are always the best

Fife, uh... finds a way.

The Phantom Cat can, doot doodoodoodoot doot.

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