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I still can't get over how 100% pure your spam was

Jesus, man, it's like you were only gone for a weekend. This deserves a physical medal

If I knew it was going to be this good I would've worn headphones the first time instead of only every other time afterwards. 5/5 10/10 can't think of any improvements except your background which was also perfect.

Man, FIRST OFF I feel like I need to say thanks for even making this. There just isn't enough Halloweenish stuff out there! Second, this is legit good, and I don't mean "for someone new to NG". Definitely keep animating.

I guess it wouldn't kill me to actually say something constructive for once in my life. Uh, the last tween of the gang walking down the sidewalk, if you put some easing on it in the tween options, it'd look a lot nicer with the shrinking perspective, and I guess the scene where they're just eyes would fit in the flow a little better if the eyes looked the same hand-drawn as the rest of the cartoon, instead of Circle Tool + Perfect Squares Syndrome. But critique is for NERDS and watching this made me happy.

I'm sure you're gonna keep making cartoons, but just make sure to keep sharing them with NewGrounds, too!

McDonaldbros responds:

Hey, thanks for the input, my man. I will definitely be posting more cartoons on here. Thanks for the review.

This is easily my favorite Flash from the last two years. I'm probably biased for obvious reasons, but HRRG I wish I saw this earlier to get my creativity flowing.

And joke's on you, my Clock Day movie was me writing a script in July and then never animating it.

I can't believe NewGrounds still has it. You've inspired me to come back and actually start watching Flashes, again!

Bertn1991 responds:

Glad I could help. I'm amazed this got 2 stars. I expected straight up zero. It's meant to be stupid. Anyways, thanks for watching :-)

I still link this to people when they say they're making eggs.

Pop-Tart responds:

Why u make eggs

Clock Day has true power if it can make another Joilet-Jane movie appear

they just don't make 'em like this now that you stopped.

i still come back and watch this every once in a while.

JamesKnox responds:

i love you

The Phantom Cat can, doot doodoodoodoot doot.

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