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2016-08-15 11:20:25 by PhantomCat

Look who is in the Clock Day background right under the sitewide search button



it is me.


2015-08-17 20:17:01 by PhantomCat

Learn how to draw like a Clock!


2014-08-16 06:00:29 by PhantomCat

Daily third! (And fourth.)



Close enough.

Thanks for the daily first!

2014-08-15 05:52:00 by PhantomCat

Well, you know, thanks in advance.


Vote five as HARD AS YOU CAN.

PCat Boxed Set: Collector's Edition

2014-06-15 21:40:45 by PhantomCat

Hokay so these are the cartoons I made that I don't hate. Linked for your viewing displeasure:


Anchors Aweigh

My Stereo Broke (LOUD/spammy)


Every Single Day (short)

Happy Valentine's Day <3 (I made this for my secret crush and I don't even think they've seen it yet.)

Review Reviews

Dumpsthursday (sequel to this)

A Romantic Serenade


RUNNERS UP: PCat Sings the Classics, Dumpster: The Shriekuel (spam) (and a remake of this), They Call Me Flounderman (spam)






Name That Bill (semi-spammish quiz)

Actiony Arcade

The Fourth Ivyversary (LOUD)


RUNNER UP: FFIV: the Text Advencha (just because it was a cool idea and it took so damn long to draw those letters. Terrible game, though)

edit: of course I didn't get all the links right.


2014-06-15 03:54:21 by PhantomCat





That Flash I made for you...

2014-04-19 11:58:49 by PhantomCat

Is #5. It's all for you, Damien.




Or, you know, whatever your real name is. I only know your NewGrounds name. Have you even seen it yet? Gosh.



Top Fiddy

2014-04-19 01:27:32 by PhantomCat

Take a squizzadis.



Flash Flood Five

2014-03-01 23:03:05 by PhantomCat

Looking for something to vote five on? I know I am! The 2014 Flash Flood archives have just been organized for your fiving pleasure.


Part 1

Part 2



Calling all Asians or better.

2014-01-12 04:59:45 by PhantomCat

I forgot Obnoxo the Obnoxibot was a thing. He's pretty hard. If I didn't have to beat him once to be able to upload him, I'd say he was impossible to beat. Are you man enough?


I not only scrolled through 355 pages, but fought every boss on the way. That's why this journal is finally seeing the light of day over one year later.