Where do we goooo noooow?

2013-02-28 19:11:37 by PhantomCat

Well, the 2013 Flash FloodTM is done, now. I made a Flash every day this month, got zero blams and only one removed by moderators. Embarrassing, I know. I'll try to be more obnoxious next year. Speaking of, WADE. Thanks for putting up with loads of BS over the last few months and somehow not ripping my head off (or at least not actually reading my PMs and just glancing at them.) HAVE A TREAT.

What else? A bunch of people made it every day this month. I know Rob, Boomstick and Pop-Tart just have today to go. Dumpster might. AbbaZabba's doing two flashes per day for two months, but he sounds like he's winding down (I BELIEVE IN YOU MANG).

So yeah, quantity>quality. God I love this site. I'm going to sleep until next month, now. Maybe my "creative" juices will regenerate.

Where do we goooo noooow?


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