2018 Submissions

2017 Submissions

FotM December 2013 FotM December 2013 Rated Stars Somebody's gotta make it. Spam Clockmas Collab 2013 Clockmas Collab 2013 Rated Stars Merry Christmas NG Comedy - Original Fifen This Movie Fifen This Movie Rated Stars A Clock Crew Joint Comedy - Original Enter DIOdorantClock Enter DIOdorantClock Rated Stars Every evil overlord needs an army! Spam The Great Clam Caper The Great Clam Caper Rated Stars My new worst flash Spam Dumpsthursday Dumpsthursday Rated Stars Straight Outta Dumpster-Clock Comedy - Parody Review Reviews Review Reviews Rated Stars This is animated too quickly and it isn't funny anyway Spam Collab Day Collab Day Rated Stars This actually happened, except I forgot who the second person really was. Comedy - Original Disco Aliens Return! Disco Aliens Return! Rated Stars Dumpster learns a valuable lesson about hippies Spam Spam for Spams Feb 2013 Spam for Spams Feb 2013 Rated Stars Hi, Vin Diesel the Vampire here with the Ten O'Clock Spam for Spams. Spam MegaClown 42X MegaClown 42X Rated Stars I am an artist and I take sprite animation very seriously because this is a serious art. Spam Happy Valentines Day &amp;lt;3 Happy Valentines Day <3 Rated Stars Wilt thou be mine Valentine? Spam 3D Audio Effect = Amazing 3D Audio Effect = Amazing Rated Stars Ironically, you might want to wear headphones. Though, I guess muting would be better. Spam Every Single Day. Every Single Day. Rated Stars Whorton Hears a Who Spam Everything Spam Touches Everything Spam Touches Rated Stars What about that shadowy spot over there? Spam BigbadPolyhedRon's BDay BigbadPolyhedRon's BDay Rated Stars You only turn 64 once Comedy - Original A Special Flash For Love A Special Flash For Love Rated Stars I cannot keep this a secret any longer. Spam 1974 1974 Rated Stars Survivors reminisce about a real alien attack from 1975... but 1974 is a better title. Drama Hotel Calipoptart Hotel Calipoptart Rated Stars We haven't had that record here since '69 Spam Murray Trip Murray Trip Rated Stars Stare into the eyes of a genius. Let the world melt around you. Spam Sailor Vuvuzela Returns Sailor Vuvuzela Returns Rated Stars He didn't die in Boot Camp so I made this. Comedy - Parody Attention Loser Attention Loser Rated Stars This was my bid for Flash of the Month. The ONLY Flash this month. Spam